Starting a business can be an exciting adventure. Startups are notorious for being risky, so it’s essential that you have a clear plan for creating a viable business. Don’t become another failed small business, but launch your company with a clear plan for success using these three steps.

Leverage Your Market Study

It’s going to be very difficult to launch a startup if you don’t have a clear idea of the market you’re entering. A market study equips you with all the relevant information you need to hit the ground running. From basic market features like competitors, demand and distribution strategies, to small, but essential, details like product specifications, employee pool and utility costs for your location.

Don’t skim over the surface of your market study. This can help direct the entire course of your company, so take your time and perform proper research. When in doubt, have a trusted advisor or friend look over your study. It’s easy to launch a startup with rose-colored glasses, but a level-headed look at all the trials you’re going to face is essential for a successful startup.

Find the Right Team

Startups aren’t one-man islands. The myth of the lone entrepreneur rarely holds true in the real world, so be sure you have a trusted, talented and committed team around you. Investing in the right partnerships and employees is a key way to lighten your load as you get your company going. Search online employee databases, attend job fairs and utilize all your contacts in the field to maximize your search.

Follow Through

In the end, all your planning is only as good as your execution. The best-laid plans aren’t always useful once you start meeting customers or creating products. Continue to review your market plan, keep an eye out for the best talent and find out how to continue to improve your business model and keep your startup one step ahead of the competition.

These three steps are just the beginning of launching a successful startup. Startups require a great deal of patience, persistence and even luck. While there’s no guarantee that you’ll enjoy a lucrative launch or a long-lasting business, using these three tips can help you create a strategy that gives you the best chance of success. Once you’ve made it through the startup phase, you’ll have a whole new set of adventure and excitement as you grow your small business.