Building successful business teams that communicate well and create innovative business solutions can greatly improve business performance.  Here are some steps to follow as you work on building a high functioning business team:

• Develop clear and measurable goals with a shared scoreboard: Capturing what major goals your team is working on and how you are measuring these goals is essential in creating a high functioning team. Take a step back and think about what leading and lagging measures the team can use on an ongoing basis as well. Then create a visual scoreboard either virtually or on a white board and go over how the team is measuring up to the goals on a regular basis.

• Establish shared values and rules: Set aside time to talk about what each individual on the team values and then establish team values and rules. Make sure these shared values and rules are easy to find and reviewed regularly at team meetings.

• Demonstrate respect for each team member: Team members need to feel safe and respected at work in order to bring forward their best ideas. This means there is no tolerance for micro-management, lack of trust, or finger pointing.

• Expect and demonstrate accountability: It is imperative to have clear and defined goals and the trust that colleagues will follow through on those goals. It starts with the leader always following through when she says she will do something and expecting the same from subordinates.

• Address difficult conversations in a timely manner and encourage respectful feedback: The key to having difficult conversations is to set someone aside, and talk about the observable facts. Then explain how that particular behavior made you feel.  This is direct and also does not put the person on the defensive. This method can be taught to everyone on the team and the leader should expect and encourage similar feedback conversations with them on a regular basis as well.

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