A Referral and Broker Program That Works for You

Brokers and referrals help make or break a financial company. Himsl Consulting, LLC understands this, which is why we offer a referral and broker program designed to work for you, not just for us. If you succeed, we succeed, so work with us to give us both a jump on our respective competition.

We’re Open to All Referral Types

We are open to working with you. When we work together, we cultivate a reciprocal relationship that benefits both of us financially. If you have a client who would gain from one of our financial vehicles, we will go over the transaction prior to submittal and then help you submit it for approval.

We believe

  • You deserve an excellent commission or referral fee for securing our funding for any project.
  • Only by fostering quality relationships with brokers and referrals will we continue to grow.
  • Reciprocation works best in any relationship, including ones with our brokers and referrers.
  • Protecting our brokers and referrers is the right thing to do.

We will not hang you out to dry. You can count on us to disclose all fees up front and provide payment promptly upon closing. Your clients are as important to us as they are to you.

Work With Us

Our regional sales positions offer fantastic opportunities for those who are confident in their abilities, friendly and outgoing, motivated to achieve success, and organized. You’ll score bonus points if you have a great sense of humor. When you work with Himsl Consulting, LLC, you receive

  • Versatile lending options with quick turnaround times
  • Excellent commissions for your dedicated work, not just your sales
  • Skilled professionals to help you help your clients and vendors
  • Career and future enrichment for your continued success
  • The ability to work from anywhere

Contact us at Himsl Consulting, LLC at 803-851-6975 today to learn more about our referral and broker program. When we work together, we both benefit.