Some businesses can operate year-round without having to consider the weather, except for when a storm causes delays in the arrival of supplies or the distribution of products. However, construction companies must adjust to different weather patterns within each season. The weather is particularly problematic in winter, when the snow, cold and ice can prevent the completion of projects. Furthermore, fewer clients request construction work in the winter because they know that it will probably be delayed. To sustain your company through the winter, consider taking out construction loans.

This type of loan is not intended to cover one specific purchase or bill. Instead, you must find a lender who is willing to supply working capital. When you borrow money in this way, it is not earmarked for a function such as rent payment but can be used for whatever needs arise.

One way to use this working capital is to take care of your equipment. This use is particularly smart if your business does not have any upcoming projects. You can repair and perform maintenance on all of the machines that you want to use next year, and you can sell or upgrade the ones that need to be replaced. Your borrowed working capital allows you to complete these expensive tasks even if you do not have a steady cash influx from projects.

Since you have more time on your hands in the winter, you should think of ways to expand your business. For example, you could start a more aggressive marketing strategy and advertise online, on the radio and with billboards. Or, if you have primarily worked with private businesses, you could expand your market to schools and government services. With the money from your construction loans, purchase the equipment or consulting services you need to make these ideas happen.

Another crucial use for your borrowed working capital is keeping up with your financial responsibilities. If your employees are working in the winter, you need to continue to pay them. You also need to pay the rent as well as bills such as lighting and heating for your business’s facilities. If you do not stay on schedule with these payments, you risk losing the space, which would leave you behind for the beginning of spring.

Dealing with the weather and the slowness of business in winter is hard for most construction companies. By taking out construction loans, you can not only survive the winter but also make it productive.