Sports coaches know that the stronger the team, the better the potential for success, but this lesson doesn’t always make its way to the world of business.

Sometimes, managers may simply hope that everyone gets along or has enough work so no one has any time to interact. Some managers who like to cultivate a ‘hands-off’ persona may choose to jump in and manage their business teams only if a referee is needed.

While these strategies can keep order and keep people from actively brawling in the hallways, which is probably a good thing in the big picture – and a great thing if you work at a correctional facility — they don’t really show a lot of interest in helping everyone perform better.

Instead, better managers should look for ways to show leadership and help the whole organization thrive. Consider some of the following suggestions as good places to start:

Create and share a plan with everyone. Emphasize that the business teams can do great things if everyone works together, and then figure out a specific goal of objective, such as a revenue amount, number of orders or some similar metric. This can be regularly reinforced at meetings or a visual reminder of how close it is to being accomplished.

Give the same messages. Everyone likes to hear they’re important and useful. So rather than saying this only when something great happens, say it on a regular basis – along with saying it when something great happens.

Focus on culture and consistency. This can be challenging since every manager is human and one offense one day can be brushed off, while another day can send someone through the roof.  Write down how past people were treated, since it’s easy to forget from incident to incident. Employees will also remember and reflect if people are treated similarly or differently.

Be respectful.  While it’s true “people don’t have to work here if they’re unhappy,” you still have the current business teams, so show them that you do appreciate them choosing to work here.

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