The office environment at your business doesn’t just affect clients and customers, it also has a lot to do with employee productivity. Your staff are human beings that need to be in a place that encourages communication with others, time alone for focusing on a project and ways to take breaks to re-energize. Improve your office environment with these tips:

Provide an Open, Airy Space

Provide as much natural light as possible. Place desks so that they face the window, which avoids making employees feel as if they’re cut off from the world. If you have an inside office without windows, add artwork with nature, plants and have plenty of open spaces on walls to make the office feel larger.

Provide Efficient Equipment and Technology

Make sure that your employees have the right equipment to do their job and to be comfortable. Provide ergonomic office furniture to reduce injuries and increase wellbeing. Make sure that the technology you’re using does the job.

Have a Balance Between Teamwork and Individual Spaces

Although many offices work collaboratively, individuals still have to achieve their own goals. Your organization needs spaces where people can work as a team, but each person should still have their own environment that is set up for their own comfort.

Provide Space for Resting

Breaks are important to your employees. Make breakout rooms available that can be used as a lunchroom, a meeting space or a change of scenery during the day. Although these rooms might seem superfluous, a place to rest can encourage communication and relationships in the office. Some offices encourage fun by having a game room or space for leisure activities. Ask your employees what they would like to see in the office.

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