A Merchant Cash Advance in Lieu of a Loan

If you own a small business, you’ve probably heard, “We’re sorry” from many lending institutions. Big banks do not lend cash to small companies, so many turn to alternative funding options, such as a merchant cash advance. Himsl Consulting, LLC offers this financing vehicle because we believe small businesses deserve a chance, too.

You Feel the Economic Ebb and Flow

Many smaller entities feel the sting when the economy isn’t at its best. They don’t have the assets to keep their businesses afloat. Should they fall short of profit expectations, our merchant cash funding can

  • Advance you as much as $200,000 for every business location
  • Get your advance to you within seven days
  • Offer you an easy way to remit the funds

The latter is what appeals to our customers the most.

Do You Accept Credit Cards?

If you accept credit cards, you will pay back the advance through your credit card sales. This works well, as you aren’t required to have perfect credit or the collateral to back up a loan.

Rather, if you can show that your business has solid profits, you can receive an advance for whatever your financial need. You won’t be stuck with an application fee, closing costs or fixed payments, either.

Leverage the power of a merchant cash advance from Himsl Consulting, LLC today. Fill out our online application or contact us if you have any questions.