Build Working Capital to Expand Your Business

Equipment financing is an effective solution for new and growing businesses to increase cash flow in times of development or reorganization. Your company needs capital to survive; Himsl Consulting, LLC can help you find the funds to invest in your business.

Business-Friendly Options

Our team can help your business secure financing for nearly any kind of equipment, from software platforms to backhoes. Big or small, our financial experts work fast to get you approved quickly with terms that accommodate your situation. Receive competitive rates with terms as long as 84 months. Additionally, we waive the need for a financial statement for loans up to $150,000. Other benefits include:

  • Flexible payment structures
  • Middle market and big ticket financing
  • Little or no money down

Comprehensive Product Offerings

Our diverse range of equipment financing products include options for both new and established businesses looking to gain capital. Our services include:

  • Sale and Leaseback: We buy your working capital and lease it back to you over a set period of time, providing you with extra cash on hand. Once the lease is paid, ownership is returned to you.
  • Municipal Lease Financing: State and federal municipal agencies who need to raise capital can take advantage of guaranteed approval and fixed low interest rates. Eligible entities include police and fire departments, schools, government facilities and the armed services.
  • B, C and D Credit: For struggling businesses with poor credit, we can extend limited lines of credit to help recover from financial straits.
  • Startup Programs: Businesses less than two years old can receive equipment loans at competitive rates to acquire the capital they need to grow their operations.

Equipment Leasing

We also offer equipment leasing for businesses who require frequent equipment upgrades or cannot spare the resources to invest in capital. Leasing allows you to grow your business without depleting your cash flow. To find more information on equipment financing or leasing, contact our representatives today.