Consumer Financing Builds Brand Loyalty

At Himsl Consulting, LLC, we can help your business establish a consumer line of credit, increasing your revenue and encouraging customer loyalty. In extending credit to your customers, they are more likely to purchase your products or services, bringing in repeat business. With our team of experts leading you through the process, discover the benefits our consumer finance products have to offer both you and your customers.

How Consumer Financing Helps Your Customers

Our consumer financing programs make it simple for your customers to gain access to a full, revolving line of credit. In addition to promoting responsible financial management and stability, our credit lines allows your customers:

  • Establish and build credit
  • Repay debts over time
  • Manage their finances securely and reliably

The application process is quick and straightforward, with consistent credit approvals and strong credit limits.

How Consumer Financing Helps You

Consumer financing can give more consumers the spending power to purchase your goods and services. This means more revenue when you need it without the delay of receivable payments. Transactions complete in as little as 48 hours, giving your business the consistent cash flow it needs.

For more information about how to begin a consumer credit line, speak with one of our representatives today and discover how consumer finance can benefit your business.