Invigorate Cash Flow With Accounts Receivable Financing

If your company generates invoices that allow customers 90 days or more for remittance, you should consider financing receivables to increase your cash flow. Whether you have fallen on hard times, need commit capital to growth plans or need cash on hand to stabilize startup operations, accounts receivable financing provides the flexibility you require.

Selling an Asset

When you finance your receivables, you are not incurring a debt. In fact, you’re liquidating an asset at a discounted price to meet your immediate cash demands. When circumstance prevents waiting for payment, Himsl Consulting, LLC is by your side. We understand that cash flow and operating costs don’t always correspond.

How We Can Help

Businesses who apply for receivable financing do so for a variety of reasons. Whether they have just opened their doors or are facing bankruptcy, AR stabilizes their revenue so that they can regroup and invest in the areas that will help them grow. Our comprehensive AR financing services include:

  • Fast financing for small or large businesses
  • Non-recourse agreements
  • No fixed payments
  • Increased funding with improved sales volume
  • Free consumer credit insurance for qualifying businesses
  • Cash in as little as one business day

Contact us today to learn more information about financing receivables and how Himsl Consulting, LLC can steer your company in the right direction.