For your business to thrive and grow the way you’ve dreamed, you must have access to working capital to pay employees, buy new equipment and invest in new products and services. When you are waiting for your clients to pay, money can get tight. Fortunately, Himsl Consulting offers accounts receivable financing solutions in South Carolina. Our invoice factoring or accounts receivable financing programs are designed to free you from handling collections, so you can focus on the day to day of running your own company.

Invoice factoring programs are ideal for small companies that can’t afford to wait too long to get paid by their customers. Typically, customers pay within 30 days of receiving an invoice, but that’s 30 days too long for some companies. What we do is purchase the invoices from you, so you get the cash quicker. We then follow up with your customers to make sure they pay.

Who Benefits From Invoice Financing?

We have programs for businesses of all sizes and in all industries in South Carolina. Most of our clients are dealing with one of the following situations:

  • Need purchase order financing, credit protection or to export receivable financing
  • With a slow accounts receivable turnover, dealing with cash flow shortages
  • Companies that are growing quickly but don’t have the sales history or past earnings to obtain traditional financing
  • Have bad or good credit but can’t get a traditional bank loan
  • Small start-ups with no financing base
  • Those with uneven sales patterns or seasonal sales

While small businesses have many options when it comes to financing, the benefit of accounts receivable financing is that there is little documentation necessary, and approval can come within just a few short hours. That means within 24 hours you have access to the capital you need to keep your business thriving.

Why Choose Himsl Consulting for Invoice Factoring?

At Himsl Consulting, we recognize that businesses have different needs, ideals, and goals, and a one-size-fits-all model won’t work for every client. That’s why we work with you to better understand your situation and determine which program will work for you. Allowing us to purchase your invoices is beneficial in many ways:

  • You get cash fast
  • No monthly payments because you are not taking a loan
  • Flexible terms
  • Affordable, low fees
  • No need for great credit or a long financial history
  • Ability to increase sales by extending customer terms

The bottom line is that your time is wasted collecting from your customers when your ideas, designs, and dreams should be put to work to grow your business. At Himsl Consulting, we strive to provide every business with the financing options and programs they need to succeed in a competitive environment.

While transportation, distribution, and agriculture are big industries in South Carolina, we will work with any business that can benefit from our services. We also work closely with trucking companies, trade factoring companies, manufacturing businesses, temporary staffing agencies, construction and oil companies and those in the service industry. If you have questions about invoice factoring and how it can benefit your business, we encourage you to contact us today to learn more about our programs.