Starting a small business comes with perils that must be avoided. For those launching their first startup while lacking a business degree, knowing what needs to be done to survive can be impossible. Here are three dangers that novice entrepreneurs need to be aware of before facing the difficulties of entrepreneurship.

1. Lacking a Business Plan

You may have a brilliant product or service but running any venture is about more than merely offering something the public desires. A strategy is necessary to make your operation a success. It’s never too late to create one, even if your company is already open. Figuring out expenses and setting appropriate prices so that you make an adequate profit are essential. Knowing how many employees you require and the best ways of forming relationships with vendors are just as important. Reflect on where you want to be in ten years and write down those specifics. Identifying these goals makes running any company far more manageable.

2. Having an Inadequate Website

Your website sets the stage for how the public perceives you. If yours features broken links, childish gifs and outdated postings, people will quickly develop a negative impression. Review your site every six months. If you do not trust your own analytical instincts, have a third party examine it for you. Make sure that the individual critiquing your site is someone who will deliver an honest opinion. Hire a professional designer to polish your domain if website creation is not within your wheelhouse.

3. Mismanaging a Promotional Campaign

Nobody will patronize your services unless your existence is known. This makes having a promotional campaign critical to getting your operation off the ground. Carefully consider the message you want to deliver and craft your copy accordingly. Your tone is everything. If what you provide centers on fun, create advertising that embodies playfulness and joy. For companies related to serious matters, promotional materials should impart a sense of gravity and respect. Tailor your advertising to online dissemination, as the internet is one of the most affordable and accessible avenues. Whatever your campaign may be, make social media a pillar of your efforts.

Beginning a small business comes with serious perils that can cause your enterprise to prematurely collapse. Investing time and energy into the above operational essentials can lessen the odds of failure. Carefully attend to these concerns so that your company survives far into the future.