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All You Need to Know About Asset-Based Lending

Described by some as commercial financing or asset-based financing, asset-based lending is simply a form of a business loan that is secured by the assets belonging to the business in question. It can be a flat loan or line of... Read More

3 Things You Might not Have Known About Business Mergers

Bottom line, mergers can make people happy. Sometimes, it can make stock prices go up, making shareholders happy. Officials who successfully worked on the deal, from managers to attorneys and financial people who put the details together, are often relieved... Read More

5 Tips for Finding the Work-Life Balance You Need

Small business owners must wear many hats, so work-life balance can become especially skewed–toward constant work. Here we’ll discuss tactics to achieve the balance needed to enjoy and excel in life and business. The Case for Optimal Work-Life Balance Sometimes... Read More

How do SBA Loans Work?

If you’re looking for financial support for your business, the SBA loan is something you’ve probably encountered in your research. It is frequently used for businesses because there are few limitations in its use. But if you’re considering applying for... Read More