Monthly Archives: August 2018

3 Ways to Improve Your Time Management Skills

Poor time management skills lead to a stressful, chaotic life. This makes it extra hard to keep your small business growing. Like any other skill, with a little practice, your time management talents can be improved. Try our tips to... Read More

Employee Retention: How to Keep Your Team Together

When you’ve hired and developed a talented team, one that builds sales and keeps customers happy, an employee retention plan becomes critical to your long-term success. And finding and retraining new staff is costly in both hiring expense and lost... Read More

A Tax Preparation Guide for Small Business Owners

Many small business owners dread the annual tax preparation period, because it involves having to account for all the business transactions which have occurred during the previous calendar year, and allotting a rightful share of income to the federal government.... Read More

How to Find the Alternative Financing Your Company Needs

Alternative financing has become a huge player in financial markets over the last decade or so, largely because there has been an enormous gap to fill that was caused by the 2008 economic crash. Following that extreme downturn, banks were... Read More