Monthly Archives: April 2018

Corporate Structure: The Ins and Outs 

Corporate structure has an immense impact on your business, so it’s important to establish your business with the right kind of structure. It will play a part in how you pay your taxes, how personally liable you are, the ways... Read More

Entrepreneur’s Guide to SBA Loans: Does Your Business Qualify? 

It can definitely be to your advantage as a small business owner to acquire funding via SBA loans for some aspect of business growth that you have in mind. While the SBA itself does not provide funding for such ventures,... Read More

Customer Service Tips to Aid in Customer Retention

Good customer service keeps your customers coming back. Retaining customers is far less expensive than generating new ones all the time. When your business spends time creating a great customer experience, it benefits your bottom line. Here are some important... Read More

Why Growth-centric Businesses are using Asset-Based Lending 

Asset-based lending involves loans which are basically extended to a borrower on the basis of collateral, generally coming in the form of business assets such such as inventory or accounts receivable. The inherent danger to the borrower is obviously that... Read More