Monthly Archives: February 2018

Small Business Growth: Scaling Your Business to New Heights Successfully

Successful business growth involves a combination of creativity and informed strategy. Although no entrepreneur has a guarantee of success in the competitive realm of small businesses, following the recommendations of experienced entrepreneurs can help you avoid some of the difficulties... Read More

Alternative Financing Options for your Next Commercial Real Estate Acquisition 

These days, there are many more financing options available to businessmen looking to acquire commercial real estate than by going through traditional lenders. The growing industry of alternative lending has made it possible for commercial real estate investors to achieve... Read More

Tax Preparation: Small Business Tax Prep Guide for Entrepreneurs

Among many other important considerations, as the end of the year approaches, small business owners focus on making tax season decisions that ensure their businesses remain fiscally sound. Sometimes strategic adjustments can reduce your tax liability and increase the year’s... Read More

6 Tested Tips for Bettering your Work-Life Balance

It is really important to have work life balance and it can be tricky to manage in today’s busy workforce.  Here are some tips that will help you maintain a healthy work life balance: • Strive for excellence, not perfection.... Read More